Market analysis 2020 shows strong growth in smartwatches!

Apple is said to have sold a total of 34 million Apple Watches in 2020 and is still number 1 in smartwatches, but Huawei is growing faster.

Market analysis shows significant growth in smartwatches in 2020

According to a market research by the company Counterpoint, Apple is still in first place in the number of watches sold for 2020, but Huawei has recorded significant growth. Worldwide, 34 million Apple Watches are said to have gone over the counter, which is an increase of 19 percent compared to 2019. Huawei sold a total of 11 million smartwatches in 2020 and grew by 26 percent. In third place, after Counterpoint, is Samsung with 9 million watches sold.

Quelle: Counterpoint

Apple has also seen growth in market share. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the company showed an increase of 6 percent in entry-level models and thus achieved a market share of 40 percent. This is probably also due to the Apple Watch SE, with which the American company has brought an inexpensive, up-to-date model onto the market, which has also been well received by users.

Quelle: Counterpoint

And even in the segment above 300 US dollars, Apple could achieve an increase of 8 percent and dominates the market here with 70 percent. This is probably due to the Apple Watch Series 6, which is selling very well.

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