Nvidia has just revised its prices upwards

Nvidia is announcing a major update to its GeForce Now service, taking it out of its beta phase and updating its subscriptions.

Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia announced that its cloud gaming service GeForce Now was ready to move on to the second phase of its deployment. Last February, the service came out of beta with the end of founding memberships. Now, Nvidia introduces the subscription Priority, which is priced at 9.99 euros per month. While the name and price of the subscription are different, the benefits are actually the same as with the Founders subscription. An offer of 99.99 euros per year is also available, saving you two months of subscription compared to the monthly plan.

For the nearly 10 million members, many of whom still have Founders subscriptions, the price of their subscription will not change as long as it lasts. If ever he were to be arrested, then players will have to turn to one of the new offers. If this price increase, from almost single to double, is a hard pill to swallow for some, Nvidia is trying to justify it by announcing some technical improvements that will land with the update. However, the free subscription giving access to one hour of gaming session is still available for those who do not wish to spend more money.

With the new update 2.0.28, Nvidia announces an improvement in the quality of streaming by reducing the launch time of games, one of the platform’s black spots. In addition, the latency should be reduced with Vsync technology which synchronizes the frequency between 60 and 59.4 Hz on the servers side to better match the frequency on the users side. All the novelties are detailed in the article of Nvidia blog. With this news, Nvidia also announces the next games to join the catalog. It is :

  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys
  • GoNNER
  • Loop Hero
  • Monopoly Plus
  • Snooker 19
  • System Shock: Enhanced Edition
  • Wanba Warriors

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