The Apple HomePod was probably a slow seller!

Apple presented the large HomePod in the summer of 2017 and launched it on the market in December 2017. After the discontinuation of the product became known last week, some have still ordered the device. A lot to the fact that the new orders still come from the first production batch.

“New” is from December 2017

Apple announced last week that the first-generation HomePod will no longer be produced and will only be sold for as long as goods are in stock. Michael Kukielka (@DetroitBORG) purchased a “new” HomePod immediately after the discontinuation was announced. After the device arrived, he published a photo showing the production date. After that, the device was produced on December 19, 2017 and comes from the same production batch as the HomePod, which was purchased immediately after the launch.


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The power supply is already showing the first signs of age. The plastic dissolves, leaving a white powder behind as it decomposes, says Kukielka. His tweet also includes other users who bought a HomePod after the discontinuation was announced. One reports that his newly ordered device was produced just two weeks later than the one ordered after launch. A third user ordered a device in February 2020 and one in March 2021, which were also produced at the end of 2017. A fourth reported that his replacement model, which he received after a “brick” through a faulty update, was made in June 2018.

Next flop after iPod Hi-Fi

Although Apple is very successful with its products, the HomePod is not the US company’s first flop. The iPod Hi-Fi, also a large speaker, introduced in February 2006, was discontinued in September 2007.

Apple wants to concentrate on the smaller version of the HomePod – the HomePod mini. It is also significantly more affordable to me than the HomePod at € 329 and therefore more interesting for the general public.

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