This is how you can prevent Netflix from playing trailers automatically

If you play content from the streaming service Netflix within your websiteYou may have noticed that despite having a very elegant interface and presenting various trailers and previews, this last feature certainly becomes annoying for many.

At first it turns out to be quite interesting, since every time we enter we see new interesting content that the platform presents, whether they are series or movies that are gaining recognition at that point, but then it becomes overly repetitive and annoying.

However, fortunately we have a completely native, secure and automatic way to disable the preview of these trailers, either the audio, the video itself, or both. Without much else to add, here are the steps to avoid watching Netflix trailers.

– First of all, enter the Netflix website in your computer’s web browser.

– Click on the configuration menu, which is located in the upper right part of the window.

– There you will find the activity of the account and the profiles, where you must enter your profile and then Playback Settings to deactivate the automatic advances option.

Remove trailers and trailers for series and movies on Netflix

By doing this, you will have the problem completely solved, so the trailers will no longer play automatically, and also, it is interesting that they can be alternated with their own audio. This will serve for those who do not want to hear anything of the trailer, but if they are interested in seeing it. Show your friends this new Netflix feature and vary the option as you like.

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