Google wants to earn money from sleep tracking in the future

Google has that Nest Hub 2 Smart Display presented, which brings some innovations with it. Next to the Sleep tracking The Soli-Radar is also one of the innovations, which enables more extensive gesture control. Google wants to use sleep tracking earn money in the future.

Nest Hub 2 Smart Display with sleep tracking as a source of income

Sleep tracking is popular with everyone, many uses for it Smartwatch or various apps on your own Smartphonewhich is on the bedside table. Now Google comes with that Nest Hub 2 Smart Displaywhich exactly should support this function.

For the Sleep tracking he comes Radar chip Soli as well as the Microphones used to record the sleep or sleep behavior of users and then analyze the data in great detail. This feature is available for free this year – a practical feature if the device is already on the bedside table anyway. However, Google probably calls it “Preview programβ€œThat only temporarily free can be used.

There is still no indication of whether the sleep tracking feature will be available later as a single subscription or in conjunction with other subscriptions. In general, it is nowhere to find information about the amount of the costs. Since it is precisely this feature that is advertised as a core component, a rather unsightly approach. Hopefully Google will give more information here soon.

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