How to know who has seen my profile on Facebook in 2021

Keep in mind that more than likely, there may be people who enter our Facebook profile to know a little more about us, see what we share and observe all kinds of personal information, but we cannot know this at first glance

And we say at a glance because there is a simple, safe and free little trick that allows us to see the profiles of those people who have visited our profile on this social network. That’s how it works.

In fact, so far there is no native function of the website to know which people enter our profile to snoop and stuff, especially since the same platform has commented many times that, thanks to its security system, it is practically impossible to do so. However, there is a small manual function and no third-party services to do this, and this will only take a few minutes.

It should be noted that it will be essential to carry out this process from a computer, and this is because as such it turns out to be impossible in all possible ways doing it from the mobile, especially because the trick is to enter the source code directly, which can only be accessed from PC. Having clarified this, the process to find out who has seen our profile on Facebook is as follows:

– Enter the Facebook website and log in with your account.

– Anywhere on the main screen, you will have to right click and select the last option, which is To inspect. In case you don’t want to do it that way, it is also possible to do it by pressing “CTRL + Shift + I”.

– A new window will be displayed on the right side of the screen, there you will have to go to the search area of ​​the panel and put the word “friendslist”, press Enter and wait for various red color codes to be displayed, which at least In general, they should have a structure similar to 76543210-2.

Know who sees your profile on Facebook

– The profiles of your friends will almost all end in “2”, which means that you will have to enter a new browser and write next to the user’s user code (without the ” -2 ”we are talking about) in the search bar.

When you’ve pressed Enter, the person’s profile will be displayed before you. It can be a tedious and annoying process since profile by profile must be done manually, although it is most likely that after doing so you will feel good inside, knowing who the person is who is viewing your profile so much.

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