Which YouTube channels have the most followers in 2021?

YouTube is probably the busiest and most visited audiovisual content platform in the world, and there are hundreds of channels there who are dedicated to presenting videos on a daily basis and that, due to their quality in the area, they have millions of subscribers globally.

In fact, the channels with the highest number of subscribers are mainly in the Asian and American continent, so today We will be talking about the 6 channels with the most followers so you know what type of content they have reached the point where they are.

We are just getting started and we have to head to India, where the T-SERIES channel, a renowned record company and film production company, has an impressive 176 million subscribers, the highest number of users who follow an account on the platform.
This even above the PewDiePie channel, with whom he had a strong struggle to obtain this award a couple of years ago.

The time has come to present the long-awaited Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg channel, known worldwide as PewDiePie thanks to his YouTube channel, where has been uploading content since 2010 and it already has a total of 109 million subscribers.

As a curious fact, the Swede turns out to be the Freelance Creator with Most Subscribers on YouTube, since he does not work directly for any large global company.

We now come across the third channel with the highest number of subscribers, and this is focused solely on content for children, where your videos reach the clouds providing hours of fun and knowledge for the little ones.

In a few hours the reproductions of his videos exceed the millions, making it clear that they do not have 107 million subscribers in vain.

A new channel with Indian roots reaches this top, and this time it is Set India, who turns out to be a television channel owned by Sony Pictures Networks. A wide list of daily videos are usually published there, drawing the attention of its 99.1 million subscribers, thus positioning itself in the fourth position in the ranking.

Another content channel for the children of the house is present in this post, and this time it is the Kids Diana Show, a place of 75.9 million subscribers from where they usually teach the day to day of little Diana, going from the adventures with her toys to visiting interesting places that will be of great interest to the little ones.

Finally, we present nothing more and nothing less than the WWE channel, where users can tune in to all the meetings and the latest news of American professional wrestling officially, counting to date with a total of 74.5 million subscribers, thus being the sports channel with the most followers in the world.

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