Buy the Poco F3: The new Xiaomi mobile phone is available here


If you want to buy the Poco F3, you should hurry up. Because at the market launch, the cell phone is much cheaper. We will lead you directly to the offers for early bird buyers.

We'll tell you when and where you can buy the Poco F3.

We’ll tell you when and where you can buy the Poco F3. (Source: Poco)

  • Xiaomi brings the Poco F3 to Germany on March 30th.
  • Prices start at 349.90 euros.
  • On March 30th, you can secure your mobile phone at Amazon and Poco yourself with a discount of 50 euros.

In addition to the Poco X3 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is bringing another price-performance hit to Germany with the Poco F3 at the end of March. The prices for this start at 349.90 euros. For this you get the 128 gigabyte version. For the 256 gigabyte model you pay 399.90 euros.

Those who decide on the spur of the moment can secure the cell phone from 299.90 euros. Because on March 30th, Xiaomi will sell the phone at the following retailers at an early bird price.

At Amazon Buy Poco X3 Pro

At Little Buy Poco X3 Pro

Do you want to know how that works There is a difference between the Poco F3 and the Poco X3 Pro? Our linked comparison reverses all differences,

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