Discover mSpy, the most advanced and encrypted parental control app

The Internet is fraught with risks, and children are sometimes exposed to daily threats. If you are a parent and want more control over your family’s activities, there are several parental control solutions that are more or less effective. Today, we introduce you to mSpy, one of the most advanced of them.

The software mSpy allows you to get information about calls, texts, chats, whether it’s social media applications, Internet browsing activity or your child’s location data. This spyware runs in the background, imperceptibly, which allows you to verify that your child is not in danger, or victim of cyberstalking.

Find mSpy from 9.91 euros per month

mSpy, the advanced solution for parental control

L’application mSpy is the most concrete and advanced solution for a in-depth parental control. The good news is that it is compatible with all versions of mobile devices, whether it’s iPhone, iPad, or any Android device. Parents will only have to install it on their child’s phone, and the application will launch automatically background. It is not detectable, refreshes every 5 minutes and sends all kinds of information to a space accessible online by parents. Remember, however, that the You are required by law to inform the user of the device of the presence of the software.

We will then find the messages sent, received, but also deleted. You can also access a list of incoming and outgoing calls, or the conversations your child has on different social networks such as WhatsApp. We know in particular that several sexual predators use these means to come into contact with minors. Likewise, the personal space accessible from a computer or a telephone by the parents allows you to check if your child is not in danger, or if he is not in a situation of cyberharcèlement, by classmates for example.

Also, mSpy allows you to locate a phone by geolocation without authorization on every request. Something to reassure and help parents, especially if they suspect their child of having problematic relationships and who would refuse to tell his parents where he is. We remind you that mSpy is a completely legal and crypt, which will not disclose personal data on the Internet. You are the only person who can access it.

The mSpy service is currently enjoying a promotion, if you purchase the 12 month subscription. So it falls to 9,91 euros per month, in order to take advantage of all the functionalities on almost all of the social networks available on the market. We remind you that this product is intended exclusively for parents who wish to monitor what their child is doing with their mobile phone.

Find mSpy from 9.91 euros per month

This article is sponsored by mSpy. It was produced by a dedicated team, independent from the editorial staff of Journal du Geek.

NB: a first version of this article did not clearly indicate that the consent of the user of the host telephone was required to install the software. It has been updated to better reflect this legal obligation.

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