How to recognize the text of photos saved in Google Photos

Google Photos recently decided to incorporate Google Lens into the app, which now makes it easy to recognize the text of the documents that we have uploaded on the platform.

To do this, just look for an image that has text inside. If there is a lot of text, Google Photos will detect it automatically, without the need for us to do anything, and it will invite us to copy the text to the clipboard, as you can see in the image above.

Once the option is selected, we will have the possibility to select everything we want to copy, as if it were plain text in an editor, and paste it wherever we want, since being on the clipboard we can take it to external editors or messaging programs.

If there is little text and Google photos does not offer the option as soon as we open the document, we will have to click on the Google Lens icon at the bottom to start the desired recognition.

The system is private, the text that it recognizes is not saved on its servers, so you can recognize even bank account numbers without problems, since information that they do not have can not be filtered.

In this way, if what you want is to recognize the text of a document, you can take a photo of it, save it in Google Photos, and recognize the text later, although you can also use a ocr online like some of those we have already talked about here on WWWhatsnew.

This feature is not yet available to all users, but it is already beginning to be seen among some people, both for iOS and Android. The fact is that Google Lens also made some changes to integrate the function directly into Google Search and Camera, so it is clear that it has become a true protagonist of the mobile world.

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