10 new French productions in 2021

In France, Amazon Studio will step up the pace. The platform is preparing to broadcast 10 new French productions this year, and even more in 2022. During a conference, the French division of the streaming giant presented some of its upcoming productions.

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The original French programs will be numerous in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. During an online conference, the platform announced the series and films that will enrich its catalog in 2021.

The Bal des folles – 2021

Hostilities were launched with The Bal des folles, first French film. Directed by Mélanie Laurent with in particular Emmanuel Bercot, Benjamin Voisin and Lou Delaage in the cast, The Bal des folles is the adaptation of the eponymous novel by Victoria Mas. It follows the fate of Eugenie who has a unique gift, that of hearing the dead. When her family discovered her donation, she was sent to Dr. Charcot’s psychiatric clinic. This feminist-borrowed tale will be released later this year.

FlashBack – in 2021

Charlie is a cynical lawyer who will a gamer meet a VTC driver named Hubert. The latter will take her on a journey through time, to meet the women who have marked history. For example, she will meet Marie Curie and Olympe de Gouge. This initiatory journey will allow her to find her place as a woman in society. The cast will include Issa Doumbia, Sylvie Testud, Lannick Gautry and YouTuber Emy LTR.

Mixed – in 2021

Mixed tells the story of a boy’s high school in the 1960s which saw girls join its benches for the first time. The creator of a French Village will be at work in this eight-part series. In the casting, we will notably find Pierre Deladonchamps (The Tickles), Nina Meurisse, Maud Wyler (Camille) and Anne Le Ny (Untouchables) as well as the young actors Léonie Souchaud ( Fanny’s journey) and Gaspard Meier- Chaurand (Mr. Papa).

Totems – in 2021

Produced in association with Gaumont, Totems will plunge us into the middle of the Cold War and follow the impossible love of two agents torn between their missions and their feelings. In the cast, we will find in particular José Garcia, Niels Shneider (Imaginary lovers), Lambert Wilson et Ana Girardot (What binds us). The series will air before the end of 2021 and is still filming now.

Poor – 2022

After Strong, Melha Bedia will return to center stage in Poor thing. The series will focus on the fate of a single woman in her thirties in search of identity. The comedy, still in writing, will be available in 2022 on our screens.

Greek salad – in 2022

After Chinese puzzle, Cedric Klapish returns this time to the realization of a series. The filmmaker who had already convinced us with his trilogy starring Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou, will offer a sequel to Xavier’s adventures and especially those of his children. This drama will paint the portrait of a Europe ravaged by the economic and identity crisis. Invited on the set, the director explained that he wanted to bring back the actors of the saga for his series.

We will also find the new season of True Story with Natoo, Lena Situations and Emy Ltr, but also the French adaptation of LOL: who laughs, get out. Presented by Philippe Lacheau, the show will notably feature Alexandra Lamy, Gérard Jugnot and Tarek Boudali. They will have to make others laugh, without ever flinching. Finally, we will be entitled to a documentary on rapper Orelsan. He will be interested in the artist’s career, from his first steps in Caen to his status as an icon of French rap.

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