A system to convert old cars into electric vehicles

Conventional cars, those that run on gasoline or diesel, no longer necessarily have a limited life span, given the eventual transition that we will experience in the future towards cities with less emissions.

Zero Labs developed a kit to transform a classic car into a electric vehicle, replacing several of its mechanical parts with modern compounds, adapted for future generations.

Vehicle recycling, taken to the next level

With the presentation of this transformation kit, the recycling of classic vehicles will no longer be reduced only to the handling of scrap metal.

Focusing its offer mainly on vehicles that appeared between the 1940s and 1970s, with specific formats for each variant, this adaptation system has as its main purpose the rescue of these vehicles “keeping what you love, except what you hate.”

The final price derived from this conversion work is based on customization and choice of options, after going through a four-stage process:

In the first place, all those parts and materials that are considered dangerous or obsolete are removed from the vehicle. Subsequently, the vehicle is rebuilt with the addition of more modern, safe and clean parts. Then, the electrical systems of these platforms are implemented to, finally, obtain a clean energy vehicle that can be enjoyed for decades, without emissions.

This initiative emerged as the product of more than 5 years of engineering and testing. After that stage, Zero Labs kits are now distributed under four formats of gasoline and diesel vehicles, covering numerous makes, models and size configurations.

Zero Labs service is offered comprehensively. In addition to the kit, the rate includes full labor for the disassembly, preparation, conversion and testing of the adapted vehicle. This process usually takes about 30 days.

The electric motor provided by this kit boasts a power of 300 horsepower, AC charging, rear wheel drive and digital control for these wheels. This system has a 400v and 85 kWh battery, which guarantees a range of more than 300 kilometers.

The adaptation also includes the installation of a new chassis, with front and rear sway bars, plus front and rear independent suspension.

Although the system adapted by this kit is an automatic transmission, it retains a classic look by maintaining a shift mechanism through a lever, in addition to a digital transfer case shifter, which electronically controls the power to the front and rear axles, for toggle between off-road mode or other types of traction.

Since its emphasis is on vintage vehicles, the momentum these can take with this renovation is really great. For example, with respect to those models prior to 1975, the increase in power reaches between 200% and 400%, according to the company.

You can learn more about this initiative on the website of Zero Labs.

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