A volcanic eruption filmed up close with a drone

Filming an erupting volcano is rarely a good idea, except when the exercise is made possible by a drone. The opportunity to discover this impressive phenomenon from a slightly different angle.

Credits: Shawn Appel / Unsplash.

Alongside the impressive images of rover Perseverance, which offers us something to dream of since arriving on Mars, no need to leave Earth to discover extraordinary natural phenomena. Just forty kilometers from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, a drone pilot had the idea to film the lava flows of Fagradalsfjall. After 800 years of sleep, the volcano woke up this friday march 19, 2021, and expelled more than 300,000 cubic meters of lava from its bowels. A thick red cloud has already invaded the sky, while local authorities have set up a no-fly zone. If the area is fortunately uninhabited, the population was nevertheless recommended not to approach the epicenter of the phenomenon. Nothing to discourage the drone pilot Bjorn Steinbekk, who nevertheless went to the vicinity of the volcano, in order to capture on video the impressive natural phenomenon.

As close as possible to the eruption

Thanks to his remote-controlled drone, the videographer thus managed to get as close as possible to Fagradalsfjall, by surveying the lava flows and passing between the liquid projections of the volcano. Images as majestic and disturbing, which fortunately did not get the better of the flying object. With its 32 active volcanoes, Iceland records one rash every five years on average. Far from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010, which had disrupted air traffic for several weeks, the Fagradalsfjall eruption caused no damage outside its immediate vicinity.

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