an imposing kit in collaboration with NASA soon available

LEGO is collaborating with NASA and will launch its new set dedicated to the Space Shuttle Discovery. It is the brand’s largest space shuttle model to date, with no less than 2,354 parts.

Credit: LEGO

For several years now, LEGO has not been aimed only at our dear darlings. Proof if it were necessary that the small yellow bricks are now erected into collector’s items, the Danish firm is preparing to release its biggest kit of its kind. This edition in collaboration with the NASA count no less than 2,354 pieces. On the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first Space Shuttle Columbia, LEGO is dedicating a complete kit to the Discovery Shuttle. A choice that makes perfect sense since, as a reminder, during the STS-107 mission in 2003, Columbia disintegrated on its return to Earth, thus killing the seven crew members. LEGO, arguably preferring to celebrate the successes of the US space agency rather than its failures, is interested in Discovery. In particular, it launched the Hubble telescope in 1990.

Credit: LEGO

The model will integrate three newly designed pieces for the windshield and cargo bay, as well as 108 pieces of lacquered silver for some details of the ship. In a video, the designers explain having placed the emphasis on realism to allow everyone to immerse themselves inside this space shuttle. They also announce that they have worked on a reduced version of the Hubble telescope which can be placed inside the model once it is assembled.

Available from April 1

This imposing collector’s item will be marketed from April 1st. She will be 21 centimeters in height, just over 54 centimeters in length and will be 35 centimeters wide. The pack including two different feet will be available at 200 dollars, or 179.99 euros with us. LEGO and space conquest enthusiasts will therefore have plenty to occupy their long curfew evenings. For the moment, it is not possible to pre-order the product on the French site, but it will not be long.

Find the Discovery Lego Shuttle at 179 euros

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