Bookeen presents Notéa, its new connected digital notebook

The French company presented this month its new connected notebook Notéa. A hybrid terminal, which also performs the role of graphic tablet and reader, while benefiting from support for Android applications.

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Between the e-reader, the graphics tablet and the multimedia tablet, Bookeen has just presented a new and resolutely promising hybrid terminal: the Notéa. Available from March 9, 2021 on most online stores, the device comes in the form of a new generation connected notebook, capable of being much more than a simple writing medium.

With its screen of 10.3 inch and its tactile E-Ink technology, the Notéa notebook looks at first glance like an e-reader or a digital tactile notebook, perfect for reading without the discomfort of a screen, or for taking handwritten notes on a tablet. Thanks to an EMR sensor placed under the screen, the stylus sold with the tablet works without a battery, and allows precise and natural note taking, since it is possible to let the wrist rest on the tablet without interfering with the notes thanks to the “palm-rejection”. Three control buttons as well as 4096 pressure levels complete the possibilities offered by the device. Enough to reconcile writing on paper with digital input.

Looks like a multimedia tablet

In addition to presenting itself as a particularly promising connected notebook, the Notea by Bookeen also plays the card of versatility. Thanks to the support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it allows you to communicate simply with a computer or a smartphone, in order to integrate more easily into our work habits. In addition, it also embeds the entire application catalog Google Play with Android 8.1. Perfect, therefore, to use your favorite office applications.

Already available on most online resellers, the Bookeen Notéa is sold at 399,90€. A significant price, but up to its promises.

Notéa – The digital and connected Notepad



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