Free: towards a major announcement this Tuesday?

Free invites us to a surprise event this Tuesday, March 23, which should logically revolve around its launch on the B2B market with new services dedicated to professionals.

This Tuesday, March 23, there will be movement on the side of Free. The operator founded by Xavier Niel gave us an appointment on this date for a major announcement: the launch of a new service. The event will be held online, health conditions require, however the general public is not really concerned, since Free would rather target the B2B – Business to Business – market with new services dedicated to professionals and businesses. It must be said that the operator seems to be lagging behind in this market which currently weighs nearly 11 billion euros all the same. Its competitors have invested in it for a long time, such as Orange, which has a large majority with nearly 70% market share and SFR with 20% market share.

Although there are no precise details yet on the announcements to come tomorrow, we put our hand to cut that Free will come to play the spoilsport in the B2B sector with offers at aggressive prices, like the operator had already done so in the past. Orange, largely in the majority with its telecoms solutions for businesses, is in fact regularly singled out for charging fairly high prices to businesses, especially the most modest. Free could therefore greatly disrupt the situation with these small firms by presenting an alternative of choice to equip themselves with optical fiber at a lower cost. It remains to wait for March 23 to have more details around these future offers for professionals, and to see if Free is preparing to upset the B2B telecoms market as it did with its telephone plans a few years ago.

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