Google Assistant gets several new features

The list of functions that the Google Assistant has to offer has grown over time. In this article we give you some examples of the latest features.

Overview of new and upcoming functions

For example, the driving mode of the Google Assistant is currently being tested in the USA. With its help, Google Maps and the Assistant should be connected even further. In this context, the graphical user interface is kept rather simple, while the system can be operated via voice.

Furthermore, the Google Maps app should also be connected to the voice assistant so that, for example, the location can be shared using the Google Assistant. If you want, you can send your friends the relevant location information by voice or ask your friends about the location by voice.

It is also particularly practical that the new features mean that voice control can now also be implemented when the screen is locked. Regardless of whether it is about playing music or sending messages: the smartphone does not have to be touched.

In the future, it should also be possible to make smart home use even more individual by specifying that certain devices can only be controlled by certain people.

Another innovation can be seen in connection with Chrome OS. Here the Google Assistant should be inserted into the context menu so that answers, definitions and Co. are available more quickly.

With so many innovations to do with the Google Assistant, it will certainly not be boring in the future. It will certainly take a while before all functions can actually be used in this country. Which new feature do you find particularly good?

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