Professional series starts with 3 new devices

Venta today presented three new devices with app control, which represent the new Venta Professional series.

Venta AW 902, AP 902 and AH 902 presented

Venta is probably one of the best-known German brands for air humidification and air purification devices. Three new devices have now been added to the existing portfolio of air washers, which represent the newly established Venta Professional series. The new devices include the AW 902, AP 902 and AH 902 models.

With the new Professional series, we offer discerning customers: inside, absolute top technology for good indoor air at home. When putting the products together, we paid particular attention to meeting current hygiene and cleanliness requirements.

Andreas Wahlich, CEO of Venta

Venta Professional AW902

The Professional series consists of an air washer, the AW 902, the air cleaner AP 902 and the 2-in-1 device AH 902. All models can be connected to the WLAN and controlled via the app.

An overview of the technical data

Sale Professional Series

The new models should go on sale in March. The price is between 999 and 1199 euros, depending on the model.

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