Sony launches two new speakers for 360 Reality Audio

Sony introduced its immersive 360 ​​Reality Audio music format back in 2019. Until now, however, you had to use speakers from other companies to hear this music format. Now Sony comes with two new speaker models (SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA5000), which can already be pre-ordered in the USA.

Sony speakers SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA5000

So far you had to 360 Reality Audio Access third-party speakers, such as an Amazon Echo Studio. The full specifications of the two new speakers were already published on the company’s website during CES (Florian reported). Now it was all about the price and the release date.

Of the SRS-RA3000 costs 300 US-Dollar, while the more robust SRS-RA5000 700 US-Dollar costs. Both speakers will ship from March 29th. They can already be pre-ordered on the American Amazon site.

Both the SRS-RA3000 as well as the SRS-RA5000 offer a “room-filling sound” according to Sony. The company says its spatial audio technology – combined with 360 Reality Audio content from streaming services like Amazon Music HD, Tidal, and others – enables both speakers to broadcast music both horizontally and vertically.

What is the difference between the two loudspeaker models?

Both speaker models (SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA5000) are equipped for playback of 360 Reality Audio. The only difference in terms of audio quality is that the RA5000 does too Hi-Res Audio certified is, which means that it offers improved performance for these higher resolution music files.

Otherwise, both speakers have a sound calibration function that adjusts each device for optimal performance in the room in which it is placed. Of the SRS-RA3000 does this automatically – even after it has been moved to a new place, at SRS-RA5000 a button must be pressed to start the calibration. In addition, both devices have an automatic volume control and both have Chromecast and Spotify Connect over WiFi (in addition to Bluetooth) for wireless connection.

Both models work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant together, but not directly on the device! The microphones on the Sony speakers are only intended for room calibration and not for voice control. Regardless of whether it is Amazon or Google, an additional compatible device is required (Echo, Google Home, …) that processes the voice commands and then passes them on to the Sony speakers.

In the course of the launch, Amazon also announced that both models will initially also offer Alexa Cast support in the USA from April 6th. This allows the music to be controlled via the Amazon Music app, a kind of Chromecast for Amazon’s own devices.

You can find more specifications about the device here in the old post:

Sony – New speakers with 360-degree sound and Alexa compatibility

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