Spotify brings new functions to discover podcasts and music from your mobile

Spotify is adding new functions for users to discover new content from their mobile.

The idea is that users find a more personalized experience without having to take any action. And to do this, they will be able to use the new options that they will find in Home.

New features for Spotify on iOS and Android

No need to do a manual search or go directly to our library, Spotify gathers in Start some options to discover new content with recommendations based on what we have recently heard, weekly discovery, news radar, mix, etc.

And it also allows us to take up music we have heard, for example, with “Vuelve a…”, »immerse yourself in your music again», and so on. And now all this dynamics is enhanced with new functions. Some are exclusive for premium users, for example, they will find a new source of recommendation to discover new content, taking into account their preferences.

On the other hand, another of the functions for premium accounts will focus on recommendations for new podcasts. In Start you will find these new recommendations with a blue dot to differentiate themselves from those podcasts with half-finished playback.

And for all users a “travel back in time” feature will be implemented that allows users to go through up to 3 months of playback history. Yes, you will be able to see your history of the last months and play those songs that you liked in the past.

It will only be necessary to choose the clock icon, at the top of Home, for the app to direct you to your new section with all the content divided into dates. You will see songs, playlists, podcasts, etc. They have not mentioned if this option can be disabled from the app settings, so that it does not save the playback history, so we will have to wait to see what the dynamics of this function are.

All these functions will be implemented in the Spotify app, both on iOS and Android, during this month. A dynamic that both those who have a premium account and those who choose Spotify to listen to music for free.

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