We tested the Yeedi 2 hybrid, the new vacuum cleaner that also scrubs

New models of vacuum cleaners capable of scrubbing continue to appear offering everything for a decent price, and this time they have lent us the new Yeedy 2 hybrid, which goes on the market today, so that we can show you how it works.

We are talking about a fairly complete vacuum cleaner that can be purchased for just over 200 euros on amazon and aliexpress, with launch discounts that we leave at the end of the article.

By the way, if you prefer to see the video review, we just published it on IGTV (click here).

The first thing we see is that the upper sensor does not protrude from the surface, which is good to be able to put it upside down and clean it properly. On the other hand, that means that the map is not detected as quickly as in higher-end models, since when we see the construction of it in real time, the process is slower than with other models.

It has two side brushes (most models of this price only have one), and a classic central one, without extra accessories.

The app is quite intuitive, and it connects to the robot by scanning the QR code of said app with the robot’s camera, a very original process that we had only seen in security cameras.

yeedi 2

As advantages I have been able to notice:

– Pretty good cleaning if we take into account that it only has 2,500 Pa.
– Its battery allows up to 200 minutes of operation.
– Its price of 229 euros is really good, although it is due to the launch offer, then it will approach 300.
– Speak in several languages.
– Sweep and scrub.
– High wheels that allow you to climb small slopes without problems.
– The suction power can be adjusted from the mobile.
– It has two side brushes, not just one.

As disadvantages:

– Not very efficient with the map theme, passes twice through some rooms.

Here are the purchase links:

Discount: 24% OFF during March 28. It will be 229.99 euros in amazon at this link (click here).
Discounts on aliexpress from March 29 to April 2, where it will be for 217 euros (click here).

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