About the Clubhouse clone that Facebook is making

Clubhouse has lost some steam, but it continues to attract great professionals who organize rooms with various themes on a daily basis.

Every Tuesday at 20:00 I have a room talking about some topic related to Technology, and yesterday we talked about clones on other platforms. You can follow me in this link so as not to lose the next ones that you are organizing.

The fact is that one of the called “clones” it is in the hands of Facebook, who will take advantage of the power of messenger to advance work.

This clone was announced by The New York Times in February, as there was no official announcement. Now new screenshots of a Facebook audio product still in development have appeared, and it appears that the audio stream (the clubhouse) will be just an extension of Facebook’s existing messaging rooms, it will not be a standalone app.

Since at the moment everything is under development, it is not known if the final product will be related to the disclosed captures, but they help to understand how the audio rooms will be integrated with the social network that exists today.

Has been the developer Alessandro Paluzzi who has disclosed the captures after analyzing the code of the Facebook app, and there you can see the option of “Live Audio” for Rooms, the competitor of Facebook’s Zoom that was launched for the first time last May.

The private audio room would be just a place to have a voice chat with a group of friends, while the “Live Audio” room would instead be an audio-only room where you could broadcast to a larger group of listeners, like Twitter Spaces, although it does not seem that there is the possibility of programming rooms in the future or grouping them into theme clubs, as in Clubhouse.

It is true that Facebook rooms may have a link to be disclosed outside the platform, or on any web page, but it still seems quite far from the existing experience in Clubhouse, where we can navigate between recommended rooms until we enter the one that interests us .

Making a comparison. If we are in a big city, Clubhouse would be a congress with many conference rooms, Facebook and Twitter solutions seem more focused on talks that are opening in different neighborhoods, which are only known if someone tells you that it is taking place.

Once inside the room, the experience would be similar: Speakers are displayed at the top of the room, where they are represented with larger circular profile photographs, while the listeners in the room appear below. There is also a “followed by speakers” section, as is the Clubhouse.

That said, we will have to wait for the launch to reach conclusions. Clubhouse plans to launch the android app in two months, so it seems like a race to attract this large audience.

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