[Bon Plan] The Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater is still 10 euros

Need to send your Wi-Fi network to another room inexpensively. This Wi-Fi repeater costs just 10 euros at Gearbest !

At less than $ 10, this Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater only offers basic functionality, but it is still a simple and very inexpensive way to bring Wi-Fi where it is needed for common uses like streaming. video or just surf the web. Its theoretical speed of 300 Mb / s is sufficient for these uses, but it will not necessarily be ideal for downloading large files or playing online. You will find it at 10 euros at Gearbest. This is an imported model, be sure to choose the version with an adapter for European electrical outlets.

Find the Xiaomi repeater at 10 euros

The Xiaomi repeater in detail

This router offers basic 2020 technical specifications, the main reason is that it only provides 2.4 GHz “n” Wi-Fi. Most contemporary Wi-Fi equipment offers the “ac” standard or even the more recent “ax”, also known as Wi-Fi 6 under the new nomenclature. To repeat the latter, this Xiaomi repeater therefore offers Wi-Fi 4. It is a bit dated in 2021, but rest assured, in terms of Wi-Fi “who can do the most can do the least”, so you can do it. connect all recent devices.

The old standard offers theoretical speeds of 300 Mb / s which means that if you have a strong fiber connection, at 1 Gb / s, it will not be able to return all of your speed. But if you buy a Wi-Fi repeater, it is probably because you have poor reception of the network in one place … and therefore your speed is not 300 Mb / s. With its basic technical characteristics, this repeater does not It’s not specially designed for advanced uses anyway, the idea is mostly to bring Wi-Fi where it doesn’t go for surfing or watching content. For that, it will be more than enough.

The typical example will be a room where your tablet does not connect well, or in a kitchen to follow recipes, or a garage where we tinker to follow tutorials for example. The configuration is relatively easy and goes through a mobile app available in English. However, remember one thing: a repeater can only repeat what it receives, so it should not be placed directly in the room where it is not or poorly received, but just before.

Find the Xiaomi repeater at 10 euros

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