Buying your Tesla in Bitcoin is now possible

Elon Musk has just indicated that it is now possible to buy a Tesla in Bitcoin. This new payment method is only accessible in the United States, however, even if Musk announces an international deployment during the year.

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At the start of February, to everyone’s surprise, Tesla was investing no less than $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin and had indicated that it would soon allow its customers to pay for their purchases in this currency. A little over a month later, Tesla is already keeping its promises. Elon Musk announces on Twitter that it is now possible to buy a Tesla in Bitcoin in the United States, and that this type of payment will be offered in other countries of the world “Later this year. “

By doing this, Tesla will be able to swell its already substantial Bitcoin wallet. According to Bitcoin Treasuries, the US auto giant already holds nearly 48,000 BTC, or about $ 2.71 billion at current prices. In addition, the firm does not want to convert the Bitcoin collected during its sales into dollars, but will keep them as is to increase its holdings. In addition, note that only payments in Bitcoin are authorized, no other cryptocurrency is accepted by the firm, not even the Dogecoin, which Elon Musk had yet raised prices just by mentioning it on Twitter.

On Tesla’s American site, we can therefore see a new option to pay in Bitcoin. Even the reservation fee, billed at $ 100, can be paid for with cryptocurrency. Elon Musk also specified that the company will use its own software to operate the Bitcoin nodes. And obviously, the prices will therefore vary according to the price of the cryptocurrency, which, let us remember, was multiplied by 4 in 2020 and has only been climbing since the beginning of the year 2021.

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