Dongle for wireless use of Android Auto is becoming more expensive

With the help of the new AA wireless dongle, it is possible to use Android Auto without a cable. Now, however, production difficulties have meant that a price increase had to be made.

The dongle represents a kind of “connection” between the display and the smartphone. The aforementioned delivery problems have meant that the price has to be increased. In addition, the previously installed CPU is currently no longer available. This has meant that an alternative product has to be installed. The new CPU not only offers more performance, it is also a bit more expensive.

The result: the dongle now costs $ 75 instead of $ 65. However, those who have pre-ordered still pay the old price.

All in all, wireless usage is incredibly convenient. In the future, the whole thing should be even more convenient and with further improvements.

Update is supposed to fix problems with Android Auto

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