Instagram solves the technical problem that prevented sending messages and videos in Direct

In recent hours, many users have been expressing their outrage on social networks at the impossibility of sending ephemeral images and videos through the Direct function of Instagram.

This impediment has been attributed by some to the application of community regulations for courier services, leading to confusion due to the fact that a notification appears stating that the message could not be sent.

A temporary flaw in Instagram Direct that benefits Snapchat

But in reality, it is not about the elimination of a feature, as it did last year, both on Instagram and Facebook’s Messenger, to comply with European regulations.

In this case, it is a temporary technical failure, which has already been rectified and has affected a small percentage of users, according to the company told the media, although their outrage reached the point of making Snapchat viral as an alternative.

In this sense, there have been few who remembered the existence of Snapchat, some of them going back to using their user accounts after several years of no use, finding themselves with their old photos as a surprise.

Clearly, this technical failure has benefited Snapchat, at least temporarily, although at the moment it is unknown to what extent it has managed to increase the number of active users in the last hours, although the failure of Instagram it has allowed him to be known by more people.

Humor has also been more than present in social networks, even messages from users who want the Tuenti social network to work again to return to it at the slightest blunder by Facebook, with the certainty of safety of the data for having the servers in Europe.

At the moment we do not know if one day Tuenti will return for the enjoyment of new generations of users, although the current scenario is very different from the one that occurred when Tuenti was available, when the use of smart phones was a minority.

In any case, we see that there are users who are capable of making the leap to the alternatives if the current social applications take away some of the most beloved functions, so these applications will have to be very careful to avoid anger that will make them lose market share and decrease its popularity.

We assume that those responsible for the main social applications will have taken note of the extent to which users are capable of rebelling.

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