Lenovo Legion 2 Pro is coming on April 8th

Once again, the Legion series promises special solutions in the gamer genre, which will be unveiled by the manufacturer on April 8th.

Lenovo ‘s first gamer mobile phone has really highlighted the Legion Duel/Pro purpose, in fact, everything was to optimize the gaming experience. Even the cameras and the self-assembly were adapted for horizontal orientation use. The former protrudes from the center of the back of the device and the latter protrudes from the side frame. In principle, the next model of the Legion will also be special.


Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will be unveiled on April 8, according to an official preview published by Weibon. solves problems that others did not know. Whatever that means, if Google Translate was accurate. So much is already certain about the device With 110 watts fast charge will operate, this was revealed by the 3C certification, and the hardware information is GeekBenchtől although it’s no surprise that Lenovo also opted for the Snapdragon 888 with up to 16GB of system memory.

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