Lenovo presents its new generation of laptops for education

Thinking of buying a laptop for educational purposes? If so, Lenovo has good news, as this manufacturer of computer products has launched, in partnership with Microsoft, its new line of laptops and convertible laptops, under Windows 10, designed to be tough and resistant on a day-to-day basis. .

In addition, these new laptops are also ready to be used with various educational solutions. Lenovo and Microsoft are especially targeting those who have been forced to combine face-to-face classes with virtual ones.

Lenovo understands that student laptops are more likely to be dropped, knocked or spilled as a result of having to carry them from one place to another on a regular basis.

Designed for the rigors of mobility and educational needs

For this reason, in this new generation of laptops, the company has chosen to reinforce them by applying the MIL-SPEC 801H standard, also reinforcing them with more resistant hinges and with greater protections for the ports.

Added to the above are the built-in rubber buffers designed for possible accidental falls, to the protection of 14 ″ screens with Gorilla Glass, in addition to making your laptops up to 10% more resistant to liquid spills.

But the high levels of protection are not incompatible with daily work with other devices, which is why the physical connection mode with external devices through their ports has also been made more flexible.

These laptops also have fast charging support with which students can get 80% charge from them in one hour, and at the level of privacy, these devices also have a physical shutter for the webcam.

With classroom work in mind, Lenovo has integrated its Lenovo Hybrid Classroom educational solution, which “helps teachers create more immersive and flexible learning environments that can support students in multiple locations.”

In addition, they also have options, implementations and configurations compatible with Microsoft Teams, and also, its Zero Touch solution will allow the adaptation of these laptops to the different demands and needs of distance education, with integrated security capabilities, so that students can have what is necessary with regard to remote learning.

Those interested will be able to learn more about this new generation of laptops for educational purposes through the Lenovo solutions website.

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