MASsolidaria, the Internet access plan for vulnerable groups of the MASMOVIL Group


The pandemic has left many people without jobs. Thousands of people do not have decent access to the Internet, and that makes it more difficult to reintegrate into the world of work, the world of education or even to be attended remotely by medical professionals.

Having the Internet should be a right, and more so in situations like the one we are living in, where everything is done online, from taking a course to asking for a consultation or applying for a job.

With this in mind the MASMOVIL Group today presented its “MASsolidaria” proposal, which offers connectivity and access to fixed and mobile Internet to people from vulnerable groups.

They have done it together with the Innicia Association, and its objective is to offer 100 MB / ADSL fiber optics and landlines for only 15 euros per month indefinitely. Disadvantaged people who also participate in their socio-educational or labor insertion programs may participate.

To identify vulnerable groups, they will use the experience of Innicia, who will support sectors as important as job placement, job training, support and school reinforcement.

The “MASsolidaria” proposal It is valid as of today, with 50% of the normal price of this type of connections, with a final discount of € 14.99 / month on the real price of this rate (€ 29.99 / month). Within this plan they can also add a mobile phone line with 1GB of navigation and unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles for 3 euros more per month.

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