New eufy L70 Max vacuum robot now available

Florian already reported At the end of January via the new eufy vacuum robot. The name L70 Max seemed to be a new edition of the already well-known L70 that we had already tested.

eufy L70 Max starts out at € 399.99

When the eufy L70 Max appeared at the end of January, the price was quoted at around € 250. Unfortunately, this has not come true and has now been published on Amazon with an RRP of € 499.99. Now at the start it is being offered 20% cheaper, but it still costs 399.99 €.

In a world in which the Roborock S7 with the latest technology has just appeared and is on offer at a price of € 421, the eufy has a very difficult time considering its price. Although a suction power of 3000 pa is specified, this does not always speak for power, as we have known since the Cecotec congas at the latest. We found laser navigation in the eufy L70 Max, but otherwise the information is average at best. You even look in vain for a wiping function.

In my opinion it is a nice vacuum robot, but with this equipment it should only cost what Florian had already seen at the end of January!

(24.03.21) Roborock S7 from 8 a.m. for 421 € at Geekbuying

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