PopSockets imagines a multifunction smartphone grip

If you’ve always dreamed of playing it MacGyver, by opening a tin can with your phone, this accessory is for you.

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Most of the time, the grips (or handles) for smartphones have no other use than to better hold in the hand when you want to take a selfie, or to stabilize the terminal horizontally when it is placed. on a flat surface (for example to watch a video). However, the PopSockets brand intends to change things, by launching a PopGrip fit for adventurer MacGyver. Called SOG Multi-Tool, the grip that one might think straight out of military equipment, allows in addition to better grip in the hand, to transform your smartphone into a formidable tool to do everything. By detaching the metal accessory integrated in the grip, the latter can indeed turn into bottle opener, makeshift screwdriver or mini lever. No panic for fans of wireless charging, the accessory is detachable, to allow induction charging without any unpleasant surprises.

Available at $ 25 on the official website of the brand, this new PopGrip completes the already full catalog of the manufacturer PopSockets, which includes several hundred different models ranging from pop culture to lip balms, including collaborations of all kinds. Regarding this mini-collection designed in partnership with the SOG brand, specialist in multifunction knives for the American armed forces, three different models are available (black, blue and green). A good way to always have a tool on hand, on condition of course not to take the plane with it.


PopSockets PopGrip – Support…

  • New PopGrip and PopTop designs that allow easy change
  • Now compatible with wireless charging thanks to the easy removal of the PopTop
  • Provides a good grip so you can text with one hand, take …
  • Works as a convenient stand for you to watch videos anywhere

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