Sesame Workshop launches new educational resources for children

resources for kids

Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization behind the TV show, Sesame Street, has launched a series of educational resources for the little ones and their families.

The objective of these new resources that are added to the platform is to help parents and teachers talk with the little ones about skin color and racism.

Educational Resources in Spanish for Families

These new resources under “ABCs of Racial Literacy” want to provide tools for educators and families to talk to children about race and racism, as part of a racial literacy initiative.

All the content that is shared through this initiative has been developed together with experts to prepare a program according to the ages of the little ones. In this new series of resources for kids Videos are included of the muppets addressing the issue of skin color and race in different contexts.

And you will also find videos of conversations between members of a family. This is intended to give parents ideas on how to address issues related to race, as well as points to ponder and apply in their own family members.

They will also find songs, articles for parents and printables for children to draw and be the starting point for a family conversation about racial and cultural identity. Of course, all shared resources on Sesame Worshop are free and available to everyone.

This new series of resources “ABCs of Racial Literacy”Is available on the platform, both in English and Spanish. And of course, children will also be able to access all the videos and games of Sesame Street with many activities to do from home and as a family. For example, there are a number of downloadable resources and posters on caring for the child. COVID-19.

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