tado ° – New functions and stand

tado ° summarizes the latest new functions in a press release. A new feature will soon reach all users. There is also a new accessory in the tado ° family.

tado ° brings new functions and accessories

In order to offer its customers an even better user experience, tado ° is expanding its app with new functions and also offering a stand for various products. The new functions allow even better control of the tado ° devices and are available through app updates for iOS and Android.

Already in February I had about the new function “Parental Control “ reported. This makes it possible to lock the smart radiator thermostats so that temperatures can no longer be changed manually on the radiator thermostat, but only via the app or the wireless temperature sensor. The function can be activated in the app under “Settings”, “Rooms & Devices” and then in the respective smart radiator thermostat.

A new function that has now been announced by tado ° are the Shortcuts – With just one click, users can change settings on all tado ° products in their home at the same time. For example, all tado ° rooms can be switched on or off together, or they can be fully heated for 30 minutes. This feature will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

tado shortcuts

Image: tado °

An even better one Overview of heating activity. In the Care & Protect Skill, Auto-Assist users can now get an overview of the total heat consumption of their house. The heating activity of previous periods can also be viewed and compared.

New tado ° accessory “stand”

The new tado ° stand gives users an additional option to place the device anywhere in the room and is suitable for using a tado ° smart thermostat (radio), a radio temperature sensor or the smart air conditioning control. The stand is now available for € 24.99 in the tado ° online shop and from selected retailers.

tado ° stand

Image: tado °

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