The OnePlus 9 Pro has already been tormented

If our readers still don’t have enough OnePlus materials, they can now learn about the assembly quality of the 9 Pro – literally live.

He left with a nice plecsni at the time of notification About our OnePlus 9 Pro test table, we were as fast as the Snapdragon 888 and Oxygen OS 11, highlighting its exterior and interior benefits, noting the more inconvenient features of the cameras and price. Sure, the speed has been enough for years, and the metal / greenhouse assembly has also been great, but we didn’t fall for it with a chisel, lighter, or just a fist to damage it right away.


It’s there for that Zack Nelson, who routinely abuses top phones, and the OneHDlus 9 Pro’s QHD + display is unfortunately already scratched from the paper cutter. But fortunately, during an unexpected turn, it turns out that only the protective foil has been damaged, which when pulled down, the full can withstand the intervention of the device, so that, as usual, the six chisels of the Mohs hardness scale leave some, seven weeks in the Gorilla Glass. and a deeper clue.

This is in line with industry standards and scratches are also tolerated by the optical fingerprint reader – of course, since it operates behind the screen and glass, it is not disturbed by surface damage anyway. Zack still can’t give a meaningful explanation for why it falls on the panel with a lighter, because if the phone and its owner are exposed to an open flame, if you have to choose, it’s better to save a human life.


Under severe force, the OnePlus 9 Pro eventually picks up a whole small arc, then returns flat, but doesn’t crack or break in half, ergo is perfectly stacked. And that’s good news for the buyer because not all mobiles have passed the exam remarkable in this respect.

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