This 24-inch, FHD and 144 Hz gaming screen costs only 149 euros

If you are looking for a good 144 Hz screen for playing on a computer, the AOC G2490VXA model now costs only 149.99 euros at Fnac.

In the computer world, screens with a refresh rate of 144 Hz are less and less expensive. Fluidity is today a characteristic that should not be neglected, as it provides better sensations and often better performance. The AOC G2490VXA PC monitor is equipped with this and is available at 149,99 euros instead of 169.99 euros at Fnac.

Find the AOC G2490VXA at ​​149.99 euros at Fnac

The AOC G2490VXA in detail

This AOC G2490VXA screen has a 24-inch LCD (VA) panel displaying Full HD definition with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Fluidity is therefore there, as evidenced by the response time which is only 1 ms. Fans of very responsive games like Call of Duty or Valorant will benefit the most from this in-game advantage. Of course, you also need a machine capable of delivering as many frames per second.

As for other technical characteristics, the 24-inch screen delivers a rather classic resolution of 1920 × 1080p and not 1440p. This will be sufficient for video games, office automation and for watching movies. Like most other monitors intended for gamers, the AOC 2490VXA is compatible with FreeSync technology which allows the screen refresh to be synchronized with the number of frames per second delivered by the graphics card, if yours is compatible.

A sound part is provided with 2 speakers of 2 W. The connection is quite rustic, but will be sufficient for most uses: a headphone jack, an HDMI port and a DisplayPort (DisplayPort 1.2 mode). Finally, the software part of the options offers you some more or less interesting and classic modes such as Shadow Control which ensures better lightening of dark areas on your screen, without impacting lighter elements.

Find the AOC G2490VXA at ​​149.99 euros at Fnac

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