this detail of the controller allows you to mute the sound of the console

The PlayStation 5 still has a few surprises in store for its users, such as being able to mute the sound of your PS5 by pressing a single button on the DualSense.

Credit: Sony

For those who have been able to obtain a PlayStation 5 Since its release last November, there are surely some features that you may have missed. The console and its controller are so elaborate that it is difficult to realize how much they can do. The DualSense, for example, can completely mute the sound of the PS5 by pressing a single button. Indeed, the small button at the bottom of the controller, just below the PlayStation logo, allows you to deactivate your microphone but not only.

By holding the button down for just a second, you will see that the sound of your PS5 will be completely muted. This is not the sound of the television but the sound of the console, so you can always turn up the volume of your television sound without actually hearing anything. By keeping the button pressed again, the sound should be reactivated immediately. This is a discovery that was highlighted by My Mate VINCE on Youtube in a video entitled ” 12 interesting facts about the PS5 “. Separately, one user also highlighted in the comments that holding down the mute button also turns off the controller haptic feedback, i.e. vibrations.

In the set, we also discover that the PS5 is decorated with tiny symbols representing the mythical buttons of the PlayStation controller. This texture is also found on the controller, which shows the level of detail brought to the latest generation console. If you still don’t have yours, you can check out our guide to PS5 stocks and our tips for not missing it, knowing that more and more online sales are taking place every day.

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