a reboot of Benjamin Gates in development

Good news for treasure hunt enthusiasts. Disney + has just validated a reboot project for the Benjamin Gates saga. A series, with a brand new cast, will be broadcast on the platform.

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While a third opus is in preparation, it should be released on our screens in 2022, Disney plans to expand the franchise Benjamin Gates. According to Deadline, the firm was working on a reboot which would take the form of a series. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, already at work in the first two opus, the project called National Tresure intends to reinvent the universe with a new cast and new challenges. The script writing was entrusted to two masters in the field: Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. The couple of writers had already written the first two opus for the big screen. The production will be provided by Mira Nair, to whom we owe in particular the feature film Vanity Fair released in 2004.

A feminine reboot

On the plot side, the series wants to explore notions “Like the quest for identity, patriotism and also historical paternity” reports the American media. We will follow the adventures of young Jess Morales, a dreamer passionate about history who will go in search of her origins. In her quest, she will be accompanied by a group of friends from diverse backgrounds. For the moment, Disney does not give the identity of the actors who will have the heavy task of reviving the saga on the small screen. It is also still difficult to know exactly what will be the story lines of the first season, but there should be some action.

In the tradition of Indiana Jones, the saga Benjamin Gates follows the adventures of a history buff who must restore the image of his family. In his quest for truth, he uncovers the mysteries behind the greatest events in American history. But he is often not the only one to covet his hidden treasures and must sometimes use force to achieve his ends. The saga had been successful at the box office since the two films had respectively recorded 347.5 and 459 million dollars.

A third opus still in preparation

The series imagined by Disney+ will not be the only project to join our screens in the coming years. A third opus, in the making for a long time now, will be released in 2022 on the big screen. The original cast should make a comeback, a decade after the first opus. It remains to be seen from now on whether Disney will make a bridge between the film and the series, to develop who knows a connected universe. It will be necessary to be patient since the series is still in its infancy. No release date is advanced by the big-eared firm.

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