Dyson V15 detect – new cordless vacuum cleaner lets dust shine with laser!

With the Dyson V15 detect, the British manufacturer of cordless vacuum cleaners has presented its latest model. With the built-in laser, the user is now able to see the dirt clearly so that he will not miss a single speck of dust in the future!

Dyson V15 detect – a laser that makes dust shine!

Dyson’s newest cordless vacuum cleaner is called the V15. It is a little surprising since the current model is called the V11. Obviously a small jump has been made here. The built-in laser has probably lasered away V12, V13 and V14.

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With the help of a laser, a small lens in the front of the brush unit throws a green light cone onto the floor at an angle of 1.5 Β°, which literally lights up the dust. This new technology enables the user to light up even the smallest dirt particles in order to be able to vacuum the floor thoroughly.

New main brush declares war on hair

In the smallest mode, the Dyson V15 can vacuum for up to 60 minutes. This is also sufficient for larger areas. The suction power then adapts automatically to the surface. It is increased on carpet, which then reduces the suction time. Another specialty is that improved main brush. This has now built in small teeth that ensure that hair no longer gets caught. In the future, the annoying hair removal of the roller will no longer be necessary.

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The Dyson V15 detect measures absorbed particles

The high-resolution display on the main unit, which also shows the remaining suction time, now not only shows the suction strength, but also the size and quantity of the dirt particles sucked up. This is really a great feature and is reminiscent of high-quality air purifiers. The Dyson V15 detect also has a lot to offer in this area. A sophisticated filter system ensures that, according to the manufacturer, 99.99% of the particles down to 0.3 microns are retained in 5 stages.

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In the US, the Dyson V15 detect is available now and costs $ 699.99. The cordless vacuum cleaner will probably start with us for a similar price in €. However, nothing is known about the date.

You can see a detailed presentation of the new Dyson V15 detect in the official video from Dyson itself. It really shows very well and clearly how all the new technologies work!


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I find the new Dyson V15 detect super exciting and I am sure that Florian will soon test it here on the canal. What do you think about the new top model from Dyson?

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