Dyson V15 Detect & V12 Detect Slim coming End May

Dyson has introduced new cordless vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V15 Detect and the V12 Detect Slim will be available in Germany from the end of May.

New Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners will start in week 21

Just this morning Karim reported about the new Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner, which uses a laser to make the dust visible. Shortly afterwards we received a message from Dyson that the V15 Detect will be available in Germany together with the V12 Detect Slim by the end of May.

The two devices are the most powerful and intelligent vacuum cleaners from Dyson to date, capable of detecting and removing microscopic dust, while simultaneously measuring and counting – the scientific proof of thorough cleaning. The laser dust detection illuminates harmful dust particles that are invisible to the eye, while the acoustic dust detection counts microscopic dust particles with the help of a piezo sensor, captures them at the same time and then displays them on an LCD screen to provide scientific evidence for deep cleaning deliver in real time.

The new vacuum cleaners from Dyson will be open from calendar week 21 and available in local Dyson demo stores (Cologne, Hamburg, Oberhausen).

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We will of course try to get test devices as soon as possible so that we can present them to you in detail on our YouTube channel.

Dyson V15 detect – new cordless vacuum cleaner lets dust shine with laser!

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