Genshin Impact topped $ 1 billion in revenue in … six months

MiHoYo’s mobile game is enjoying unprecedented runaway success, generating a billion in revenue in just six months, while it took Pokémon Go nine months to achieve that same goal.

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The mobile version of the game Genshin impact was launched in September 2020 by Tencent and just surpassed $ 1 billion in revenue in less than six months. The information is relayed by Sensor Tower, who has analyzed the profitability figures of the game over the past six months. Since its launch, Genshin Impact was surprised imposed in the world of mobile games and has steadily increased in popularity. In just five months, the game had generated nearly $ 847 million in revenue through in-game purchases. Currently and for several months, Genshin Impact earns an average of $ 160 million per month. Sensor Tower specifies that as of March 23, 2021, the game has already grossed $ 148 million for the month of March.

While this success may sound impressive, it is even more so when you compare the title to other successful mobile games such as Pokémon Go of Niantic. The latter took about 9 months to generate $ 1 billion in revenue, while Clash Royale Supercell took 11 months to reach this stage.

Crédits : Sensor Tower

According to Sensor Tower, the success of Genshin Impact comes from investing in recurring in-game events that are constantly adding new features, and new characters that everyone is raving about. This is mainly what motivates gamers to spend their money in the game. When Hu Tao character arrived on March 2, the game generated nearly $ 13 million in one day, just like on February 3 with the arrival of Xiao, where players spent more than $ 15 million. In comparison, the game has generated an average of $ 5.8 million per day since its launch.

Crédits : Sensor Tower

These impressive numbers make Genshin Impact the highest-grossing mobile role-playing game internationally at the moment, as well as the highest-grossing mobile game outside of China, while in the country it lags behind PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.

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