Instagram will allow you to save stories as drafts

Soon a new option will be added on Instagram that will make it easier to manage the stories that we are creating, without having to publish them at the moment.

While there is no definite date for this new feature yet, Instagram has already confirmed that it will be available in one of the future updates.

You can have Instagram stories as drafts

When we want to leave a story half finished in Instagram, we see a pop-up window with the option to Discard or Keep. But in the future we will see a new option that will allow “Save draft”. Yes, you will not have to get rid of the story if you do not want to finish it at the moment, since you can save it to edit it at a later time, just as it happens with publications.

This was confirmed Adam Mosseri on his Twitter account with his comment “… story drafts coming soon”. I do not specify any date, so we will have to be aware of future Instagram updates.

However, we can already have a preview of this feature thanks to the screenshots you shared Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter account. If you take a look you will see that the options change: Discard, Save draft or Cancel. Once you choose the option to save the draft, the story will be pending in a new section where you can manage all the drafts.

An excellent option that will allow us to prepare Stories in advance when we have time to publish them when appropriate. Or it can also be an alternative to save a photograph or video that will serve us for a story that we want to develop in the future. Although we can simply leave them in the gallery of the mobile, it is possible that we forget the idea, that we accidentally delete it, or that they end up mixed with the rest of the content that we save on the mobile.

This is not the only pending feature for Stories, as automatic captioning is also one of the promised options for future Instagram updates.

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