Neato D8 – The first model in the new range is finally available!

The Neato D8, D9 and D10 were introduced last year and should actually appear, at least that was the plan at the time. The delivery time was postponed again and again or no delivery date was announced in the various shops.

At € 799, Neato is calling for an extremely high price, especially when you consider that this is the smallest model in the new range. D9 and D10 are still to come and settle above him. Since the Neato models are pure vacuum robots, a wiping function is not included.

With a capacity of 700 ml, the dust container is impressive because it is really neat. However, the battery life of 90 minutes is not a record. Here his siblings will come with more stamina.

Neato D8 at Media Markt

You can find more technical information in the detailed article from last year. As soon as we have a test model in our fingers, we will of course test it and upload the corresponding video to YouTube.

Neato D8, Neato D9 & Neato D10 presented at IFA

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