New icons will arrive in Windows 10 file explorer

Microsoft is providing a visual refresh with new icons to File Explorer at Windows 10.

The latest trial version of the operating system includes changes to the system icons found in File Explorer, including the Recycle Bin, disk drives, and top-level folders for user accounts.

New icons for Windows 10

This aesthetic renewal includes striking changes, such as the orientation of the folder icons and the file type icons, which were intervened to achieve greater coherence between Microsoft products present across different platforms.

In particular, the changes were concentrated in the top-level user folders, such as Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Images, which were endowed with a new design that should facilitate the task of distinguishing them at a glance.

Under the current dynamics, in the Explorer we can make distinctions in the icons of the folders only thanks to slight variations, depending on their content. With the update, these folders receive a different orientation and much more noticeable differences in shape and color.

W10 icons

Other icons in the system were also subject to change, but on a smaller scale. The recycling bin, for its part, received a subtle modification, preserving the characteristic garbage can shape with the recycling symbol in blue, but now presented from another angle, with a frontal view.

A modification similar to that of the trash can icon fell on the disk drives, which will retain a similar aesthetic, but their icons will be presented from another perspective.

W10 icons

Since its release to the general public in 2015, the appearance of Windows 10 has undergone several redesigns, primarily of a functional rather than aesthetic nature.

In the beginning, the icons of this version of the system were few, since many were inherited from Windows 8, which at the same time had done the same with its predecessor, Windows 7.

These changes in Windows 10 are part of an aesthetic renovation that apparently aspires to mark a before and after, contemplating more elements of the system, apart from the icons. Therefore, more changes are expected that can give continuity to this renewal, in order to give a final shape to this new interface proposal that Microsoft is preparing.

The new icons presented will arrive later through a Windows 10 update, which is currently only available to users of its test program. Specifically, these novelties They arrived through build 21343 to the Insider Preview program of your operating system.

An important step to leave behind the classic aesthetics of Windows, in pursuit of a new proposal that seeks to give this platform a new identity.

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