PS5: stocks have been put up for sale on Veepee

After months of shortage, more and more people are getting their hands on the PlayStation 5. Lately, the site Veepee has put on sale a pack containing the console.

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The more the months go by, the more it seems that PlayStation 5 stocks are slowly coming back. As we tell you about in our guide on PS5 stocks and our tips for not missing it, after a general shortage from November to the end of December, Sony’s latest generation consoles are being sold in waves on many retailer websites. According to the latest news, it is the site and application Veepee, formerly Private Sale, which has put on sale a pack containing the PS5.

In this pack was the console, a DualSense additional, a Dual Hyperion headset as well as two PS5 games, namely Spider-Man : Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls. It was sold for 729.99 euros at 7 a.m. on March 25. This sale was a surprise to many players who are waiting for the console, especially since it is the first time that it has appeared on this site. But many were also disappointed that the console was only sold in this very expensive package and not separately. However, this did not prevent it from selling at breakneck speed like on other sites. The available stock was around 70 packs.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get the PS5, this sale also means that the stock of consoles is growing as you go, so your turn should come soon with a little persistence. Jim Ryan had also confirmed that we should start to see a difference as soon as start of second semester. Indeed, by then, the shortage of components and chips should decrease and production of consoles should be able to accelerate. Finally, according to the latest rumors, the next dealer to organize a PS5 sale will be Carrefour around March 26.

Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, PS5 with 1 DualSense Wireless Controller, Color: White



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