Samsung begins to use drones for the delivery of its products

Samsung partnered with Manna Drone Delivery to take product delivery from its store in Ireland out of the ordinary.

Yes, nothing less than a drone delivery. A dynamic that ensures that the package will arrive at the user’s home in a few minutes.

Samsung uses drones in Ireland to deliver its products

Irish users who purchase through the online store of Samsung Some of the latest Galaxy devices will see a drone appear at their homes to deliver the product.

A service that guarantees a delivery in a few minutes from the moment it leaves the distribution center, and that closes the purchase process without contacting the user, since it combines the online experience with this very particular delivery. A modality that is appreciated in this time of such special care.

Manna uses custom developed aerospace grade drones to deliver products directly to customers’ homes. Its drones fly at an altitude of 50 to 80 meters and at a speed of more than 60 km / h, allowing delivery to Oranmore homes in 3 minutes.

Manna has already worked with other local companies for the delivery of different types of products, such as food, medicine, books, among others. In a first stage, Samsung will begin to implement this dynamic only with the city of Oranmore, but they plan to extend it nationally in the future.

Of course, this dynamic will not apply to any product that is purchased from the Samsung store, only the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 3 and the latest releases from Galaxy A series.

So for the inhabitants of Oranmore it will only be a matter of making their purchase online and waiting for the delivery service in charge of the drone.

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