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In four days, it will unveil the newest member of the series, the Xiaomi, presumably this will be the manufacturer’s first foldable mobile.

The Xiaomi event featuring the Mi 11 Pro and dual displays will be held on March 29th Mi 11 Ultra may be unveiled, but based on the company’s latest post, we should expect not only these, but the new Mi Mix as well. We may not be able to expect a specific announcement, the wording can be roughly translated as Xiaomi will “talk about the new Mi Mix,” however, there is no complete ambiguity as to what we can expect.


A SparrowsNews his photos have previously shown a non – functioning prototype, which is a, a For fold line they are comparable, so they can hide a book-opening device that is smaller on the outside and large on the inside.

(source: SparrowsNews) [+]

By the way, the Mi Mix series has always realized the more extreme concepts, the first series with an extended, coffee-free display it was very special in 2016, but the sliding Mi Mix 3 nor was it quite traditional, let alone a display running around the entire device Mi Mix Alpha stunning concept. So the bendable Xiaomi will almost certainly fall into this line, and we’ll definitely know more about exactly what it will offer in 4 days.

Cover Image: Mi Mix Alpha

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