Android 11 is ready for Zenfone 7

Both the plain and Pro models signal the download of the OTA package, primarily in Taiwan.

Just like the Asus Zenfone 6, a 7 Pro also left us with a recommended plecsni, because good knowledge was associated with a restrained price tag, but in recent years the series ROG Phone series lives in the shadow and this year’s toy phone he couldn’t make a mistake either.


However, the Taiwanese manufacturer is upgrading all its top mobiles, and first Zenfone 6 got the major version of Android 11, and now the 7 and 7 Pro are in series to switch to the most up-to-date green robotic system possible in the brand’s domestic market for the first time. The March security fix pack is also fresh, and hopefully the installation package will arrive in other markets before the calendar changes by April.

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