Google launches a guide with the 1,000 best products according to their popularity on the web

Little by little the need to obtain better information before buying products over the Internet is gaining weight, something that Google knows quite well, having noticed an increase of more than 100% in searches for the best products. in different categories over the last year.

With that in mind, Google just to throw Best Things for Everything Guide, a small website where it brings the 1,000 best products, according to their popularity on the web, across eight different categories, including everything related to electronics, pets, and sports, among others.

Facilitating the search of products by categories

It is already a matter of users choosing to browse the web or go directly to any of the eight categories. If they are interested in a specific product, they will be able to receive details, reviews, ratings, prices and where to buy it on their own product page.

If you are interested in a specific product that is not included in the top 1,000 products, Google offers as an alternative that users access the section of Shopping so that they can reach the ratings and reviews that the same product has received, being able to even compare prices and availability before making the purchase of that same product online.

Alternatively, they can also make use of the filters to know the nearby stores where it is available to get to buy it in person at the establishment itself, coming as an incentive to buy in proximity stores.

What is clear is that users increasingly investigate more than one product before finally launching their purchase, so Google wants to offer a series of facilities that allow users to make the best possible decision according to sufficient information that have received in their research period.

There are those times when one bought a product simply because of the information available on its packaging, since now it is easier to know the convenience and suitability of buying a product, or where appropriate, receive better personalized suggestions that allow you to change your mind to buy a better product, according to the preferences of each one.

For now, the website is only in English, with products that still lack an information page, an issue that should be resolved over the next few weeks.

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