How to change the font on WhatsApp

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There is something that most people already know, WhatsApp allows you to put letters in bold, italics and little else, but what many do not know is that it is possible to change the font completely, although for this it is necessary to use external applications in the mobile.

We are talking about that today in our new video:

As you can see, just use a new app as a keyboard. This app, FONTS, is available on both iOS and Android, and once installed we just have to use it as indicated in the video. The fonts are limited, but they are interesting, very different from anything we have seen in messaging apps.

We can use it to create attention-grabbing messages that are easy to find among the huge tide of information on WhatsApp, to top lists, for example, and thus share tutorials, documentation and other text elements that need to classify their content due to their extension.

FONTS is not as sophisticated a keyboard as that of Google or Microsoft, it does not have an intelligent correction system nor is it multilingual, so I do not recommend having it as a permanent option on the mobile and activating it only when necessary, at the time of write special messages in the messaging app of your choice.

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