PC, Screen, Mouse, Bag … A real MSI gamer arsenal in promotion at 1099 €

If you don’t have a computer or gaming peripherals yet, and you want to play the latest video games available, Cdiscount has got you covered. A real starter pack to afford a whole MSI configuration is now on sale, at 1099.99 euros.

In this MSI pack, we find the GF65 Thin 9SEXR-693FR laptop PC with its powerful RTX 2060, but also a 23.6-inch curved screen, a mouse, a mouse pad and even an adapted carrying bag. With that, you’re ready to play the latest toughest titles, at home or on the go. For information, the computer alone costs 1100 euros! Today, the whole of this pack is at 1099 euros.

Find the MSI pack at 1099 euros on Cdiscount

The MSI package in detail

In this very singular offer, we find a complete arsenal to be able to play video games at home or on the go, and especially in better conditions. For this, we first find a good quality laptop, the MSI GF65 Thin 9SEXR-693FR. It is armed with an RTX 2060, as well as an i7-9750H processor. If it is not the latest freshness (it was released 2 years ago) it still allows all contemporary video games to run, and even those to come. The graphics card remains very efficient, and allows everything to run with good graphics settings and with a solid framerate.

Moreover, the computer is based on a 15.6-inch screen, deploying a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It offers 8 GB of RAM as well as a fast storage of 512 GB in M.2 SSD. The keyboard is backlit, and the Windows 10 operating system comes with it.

To improve the experience, Cdiscount and MSI came up with the idea of ​​adding a screen worth 200 euros to this pack, the MAG241C. With it, you can directly connect it to your laptop and thus enjoy 2 simultaneous displays. This will especially be much more comfortable for video games as well as for watching movies. The screen specs are pretty decent, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 144Hz, 1ms response rate, and AMD FreeSync technology. Features worthy of a good quality gaming monitor.

In the rest of the pack, there is a “Loot Box” which consists of an affordable gaming mouse, an MSI mouse pad and a small keychain. These are certainly not the best references on the market, but they will allow you to avoid having to go through the checkout again if you do not have these peripherals. Finally, a backpack is also part of the game, and will allow you to transport your laptop in the best conditions, while protecting it.

Find the MSI pack at 1099 euros on Cdiscount

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